Mini farma RELAX, Těrlicko

Lots of domestic and farm animals. An ideal place to visit with children. 

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Larisch’s Chateau, Karviná-Fryštát

Larisch’s chateau is a modest aristocratic residence from the early 19th century, an Empire-style building of a former chateau. The core of the building is a bit older. In the years 1971 – 72, a general overhaul of the entire complex was carried out.

Archeopark, Chotěbuz

The Chotěbuz-Podobora archeological area is one of the most important prehistoric and early medieval monuments in Těšín-Silesia. In the past, there was a huge three-part fortified settlement on the river terrace, under which the Olše River originally flowed. Hradisko in Podobor was inhabited in two phases. The first was the prehistoric phase, which occupies the period of the Early Iron Age. The second phase of settlement falls into the Slavic period.

Kotulova dřevěnka, Havířov

The housing exhibition presents interior equipment and the way of life at the turn of 19. the 19th and 20th centuries in the central part of Těšín Silesia. In the interiors of the wooden house, visitors will see a whole range of ceramic products from the local pottery workshops of Bludovice. A brick barn with a barn in a semi-recessed cellar is a much younger building than a cottage.

TIP: Sightseeing co-flight, Mošnov

Great opportunity to manage several beauties of the area at once. It offers the opportunity to see industrial Ostrava, the picturesque Těrlicko hilly area and, last but not least, the queen of the Beskydy Mountains – Lysá hora. We can end the whole trip with a night landing at one of the largest airports in the Czech Republic.

We have no time limit – we will fly wherever you want. Your adventure can begin.

ZOO and botanical park, Ostrava

With an area of 100 hectares, the Ostrava Zoo is the second largest zoo in the countryand in the natural environment of the forest park there are 400 species and 4,000 animals. The zoo has undergone a significant transformation in recent years. Gradually, new pavilions,large natural paddocks, through expositions are being created here. There are also a number of play areas for children, hundreds of benches to relax, dozens of rest areas and quiet areas.

Aquapark Olešná, Frýdek-Místek

The modern relaxation center of the Olešná Aquaparks is located in the ideal environment of the Olešná dam in Frýdek-Místek with a view of the Beskydy Mountains and Lysá hora. The area offers visitors the opportunity for recreation and relaxation for free time in a covered aqua park. The complex also includes a summer water park.

Mining muzeum, Ostrava

A tour of the collections of old mining and rescue equipment, mining lamps, unique above-ground and underground exhibits and plowing into the former Anselm mine. Along with a wide range of sports and recreational opportunities, there is also an offer of mining specialties in „Harenda u Barborky“.

Lysá hora, Krásná

Lysá hora (1323 m above sea level) is the highest peak of the Moravian-Silesian Beskydy. It can be conquered on foot, cycled and cross-country skiing in good snow conditions. It lies between the villages of Krásná, Malenovice, Ostravice and Staré Hamry. The ideal route for families with children is from the village of Krásná (Visalaje) following the blue tourist sign.